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Snake Dreamer

Snake Dreamer. Stoddart, July 1998

ISBN 0-7737-5981-6

Delacorte, May, 1998. 0-385-32264-X (cloth), $16.95,

YA. Grades 6 and up.

Available in paperback in the USA - US $4.99

ISBN 0-440-22017-3

"Dusa's dark curly head was pillowed on the bodies of snakes; they undulated wildly beneath her. Her nostrils curled with their musty odor. Why were the snakes so angry? What unseen threat did they feel? Dusa's throat ached with her screams."

Snakes are haunting Dusa Thrasman's dreams, leaving her afraid to sleep, exhausted and ill. Her doctor has tried everything, but nothing helps. Then Dusa sees a TV interview with two doctors, the Gordon sisters, who have an unusual specialty: they cure snake dreamers. Dusa is relieved to hear them discuss her illness as a real medical condition, something that could be cured. But to be treated she must go with them to their clinic on an isolated Greek island.

From the moment Dusa and the doctors arrive in Greece peculiar things happen. The other patients and the clinic staff have disappeared. The only people left on the island are a boy named Perse and his father. Perse tries to tell Dusa about the Gordon sisters, but his broken English is hard to understand. Could he really mean they haven't changed in a hundred years? What are they trying to find out when they hypnotize Dusa? And who was their sister, the original snake dreamer, the one they want to make whole again?

Priscilla Galloway uses ancient myths to explore timeless themes in a modern world that is both sharply realistic and darkly fantastic, creating a mesmerizing psychological chiller that's also a grand adventure story.


Canadian Children's Book Centre

Snake Dreamer has been selected for the 1998/99 Canadian Children's Book Centre's Our Choice list.

The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books - May1998

"Readers drawn to the snaky revisionings of Banks' Melusine (B CCB 9/89) or Alcock's related classical. reinterpretation Singer to thc Sea God (BCCB 2193) will want to slither on in." DS

School Library Journal - July 1998

"Combining the elements of fantasy and thriller, Galloway creates an intriguing expansion of a classical tale into contemporary times, a thought-provoking meeting of myth and modern science. "


"Dusa's adventure is about recognizing and accepting one's own inner strength; ...."

"Dusa is a credible character all the way through to her independent, triumphant finale"


"The novel is full of adventure, even though the reader of course must suspend disbelief as the elements of the myth emerge. An unusual story, to say the least, with an intelli-gent, courageous young woman leading us through it." Claire Rosser, KLIATT

Booklist - June 1, 1998

"...the well-paced suspense will keep satisfied readers turning the pages." -Anne O'Malley