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Seal Is lost

Illustrated by Karen Patkau. Annick Press, 1988 ISBN 1-55037-019-7 (cloth); 1-55037-018-9 (paper) Preschool-grade 1.

Out of print; hard to find.

"When Hugh's toy seal disappears, it takes Supergran to help him find his own magic, so he can see Seal in Lost Toyland." Canadian Books for Children , 1988-9, p. 9
"Seal Is Lost is a charming picture-book about a young child who loses his favourite stuffed toy, but finds a real kitten, Ginger. With Supergran's loving help, Hugh overcomes his feelings of loneliness for Seal and accepts Ginger as his own." Nancy Tully, Canadian Materials Jan. 1989, p. 34

"Priscilla Galloway offers comfort and reassurance to an anguished child who has permanently lost a favourite toy." CCL 51, 1988, p. 101