<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="65001"%> Priscilla Galloway

My Hero Hercules

Published by Annick Press

ISBN 1-55037-569-5 (bound)

ISBN 1-55037-568-7 (pbk)

The story of Herculese is one of the most dramatic of the ancient Greek tales, loved by readers for its excitement and suspense. This novel captures the drama of the early tale and introduces us to Jason, an eleven-year-old who desperately wants to be less like his father and more lile his great hero Hercules.

Praise for the Tales of Ancient Lands Series:

"The whole family will enjoy Galloway's soon-to-be-classic tales" - Children's Book News

"A lovely re-vision, with a cast of fascinating and living characters, Thank you, thank you, thank you," Jane Yolen, author

"Written in a flowing, easy-to-read style, this version of the classic tale is detailed and lively." School Library Journal

"Priscilla Galloway draws you into the story and hold you captive until the final word." Montreal Review of Books