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Priscilla Galloway, Lisa: Book One’ÄîOverland to Cariboo. Our Canadian Girl Series. Penguin 2003. $7.99 trade pa.
In the spring of 1862, Lisa’Äôs uncle decides to leave their home in Fort Garry (now Winnipeg, MB) to look for gold in the Cariboo (now in BC). Lisa has no intention of being left behind. Along with a group of two hundred men, Lisa and her family begin an exciting but dangerous five-month journey west. Mostly on foot, they will cross prairies and bogs, scale mountain ranges, and raft down dangerous rivers. For Lisa, the journey will mean physical hardships, demanding work, grown-up responsibilities’Äîand the adventure of a lifetime!
My great-aunt Margaret McNaughton married one of the Overlanders. Her book about the journey, published in 1896, is one of my treasures. I’Äôve had in mind a book to bring this episode in Canadian history alive for young readers for almost thirty years. Now it has all come together. Book Two and Book Three are now published and Book Four is on the way