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 Good Times, Bad Times, Mummy and Me.

Illustrated by Lissa Calvert. Women's Press, 1980 ISBN 0-88961-066-5

Still in print after all these years!

This book describes the poignant relationship between a child and her working mother, narrated by the little girl herself. We understand the child's anxiety when her mother is not around to get her up in the morning and the envy she feels on seeing her friend's mother at home after school. The reader also experiences the joys of shared experience when mother and daughter do spend time together. Bath-time and reading time are cherished. The child works her way through negative feelings to happy assurance, "You know, I love my mummy."

Robert Munsch said, "Priscilla Galloway has captured the anomalous feelings of a child about her working mother without being moralistic or pedantic. The text is simple, clear, easy to read out loud, and it lends itself to group participation. . . Some people may be upset by the use of the word "hate" (as in "I hate my mummy"), but I found that children were not upset when I read it to them . . . . All in all, this book is a must for any child with a single or working parent and also an excellent resource for families in general (and no daycare should be without a copy)." Robert Munsch, Canadian Children's Literature, #25, 1982, pp. 48-9