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Daedalus and the Minotaur


Illus. by Normand Cousineau. Annick, 1997. 1-555037 458-3 (pap) 1-555037-459-1 (cloth) Grades 4-9.

"Priscilla Galloway has given us a passionate, lovely re-vision of the Daedalus story, with a cast of fascinating and living characters and a panoply of inventions. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Jane Yolen, author of Wings, Owl Moon, Here There Be Unicorns, others

"The complexity of the characters and their interaction render them timeless." Philippa Sheppard,Quill & Quire, Feb. 1998, p. 51.

"Priscilla Galloway has woven an engrossing tale. . . in which readers come to know and understand not only the characters, but the ancient world of Greece and Crete." Loraine Anderson, Children's Book News, v. 21, #1, winter 1998, p. 30.

Accused of murder, Daedalus the Inventor flees from Athens with his young son Icarus, only to be plunged into dangerous intrigue at the royal court of Crete. King Minos commands Daedalus to build a labyrinth. This maze of tunnels will hide the Minotaur, a royal child who has been concealed from infancy by the King and Queen. According to palace rumour, the child is a monster, half-man, half-bull! Icarus discovers the truth, and he grows to love Minotaur, who has no other friend.

What will happen when the great labyrinth is finished? The King and Queen are ruthless. Surely no one who commands their secret will be allowed to live. Daedalus sees the threat. Can he perfect his secret invention in time for him and his son to escape? Will Icarus abandon his friend?

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