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Aleta and the Queen:

A Tale of Ancient Greece

Illus. by Normand Cousineau. Annick, 1995 1-555037-462-1 (pap) 1-555037-400-1 (cloth) Ages 10 and up.


Alˆ©ta et Pˆ©nˆ©lope, Un Rˆ©cit de la Grˆ®ce Antique, illustrated by Normand Cousineau, translated by Michelle Asselin. Annick, 1997 1-55037-420-6

Aleta Y La Reina, Una Historia de la Antigua Grecia, illustrated by Normand Cousineau, translated by Leonora Vˆ©liz. Mˆ©xico: Ediciones S "Galloway has created two epic tales of long ago, a time with more than its share of mystical happenings and spirited acts of bravery This is the stuff kids were made for. Both Atalanta and Aleta and the Queen have strong "replay" values and are appropriate for a wide range of ages The whole family will enjoy Galloway's soon-to-be classic tales." Hadley Dyer, CHILDREN'S BOOK NEWS, v. 19, p. 33, Oct. 1996

"Fans of Greek mythology will enjoy this engaging story of life at the royal court of Ithaca after the Trojan War, as seen throught he eyes of a young serving girl [Aleta]." Mary Jo Drungil, SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, Jan. 1996, p.118

"Priscilla Galloway approaches this work with a fresh and palpable passion that quite literally brings it to life. Aleta is a very real character. Her broken family and divided sympathies seem very modern. . . . an outstanding book." Janet McNaughton, QUILL AND QUIRE, January, 1996
"The setting has been brought fully to life through skilful use of research into the ancient society." Andrea Deakin, VANCOUVER SUN, September 30, 1995

"One yearns for further stories . . ." Arlene Perly Rae, TORONTO STAR, Sept. 9, 1995

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